Almost Rum is Gluten Free

100% Pure, All Natural, Premium Sugar Cane Syrup

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Welcome to the virtual home of Almost Rum - Premium Sugar Cane Syrup. The amazing purity and rich flavor of Richland Rum's key ingredient has impressed so many visitors of our distillery, that we have made it available as Almost Rum.

Almost Rum is the healthy alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.
Almost Rum is gluten free, has no additives, no preservatives, no color agents and no sodium.

Almost Rum purity and intense flavor is favored by chefs of fine restaurants. Be your best chef and enjoy Almost Rum in your kitchen.

Stir in coffee or tea, enjoy in cocktails,
Drizzle on pancakes or ice cream,
Combine with olive oil for dips,
Use in marinades, glazes and baking.

Please browse our Almost Rum website for more ideas how to use and Recipes

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Sugar Cane Field Sugar Cane Field Stalk Detail Sugar Cane Field at Vennebroeck Estate, Richland GA Pecan Tart with Almost Rum at the Four Season in Atlanta Slice of Almost Rum Pecan Tart at the Park 75 Restaurant - Four Seasons Atlanta Pecan Tart with Almost Rum at the Four Season in Atlanta

all natural, unrefined sugar cane syrup

Almost Rum is 100% pure Sugar Cane Syrup and is the key ingredient of Richland Rum, handcrafted by the Richland Distilling Company in Richland, Georgia.

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